International Women’s Friendship Month

It’s officially a new month in 2013 – September, or in KD terms, International Women’s Friendship Month! Thirty-four states have joined us in this terminology and newspapers and magazines are also jumping on board in recognizing the importance of International Women’s Friendship Month!


For a lot of us, our college years bring up emotions such as happiness and nostalgia. They’re the so-called “best years.” A HUGE part of those great years was most likely defined by our best friends, our KD sisters! And now we have an entire month dedicated to those women and others we met along the way and the friendships we formed with them all! September serves as a great reminder to place emphasis on these friendships by showing our appreciation for our sisters and female friends. Here are some great ways to celebrate those special women in your life this month (and all year round!):

  • Send a card to that long distance friend to remind her how much she means to you
  • Catch up and celebrate your friendship over coffee
  • Have a spa date of manicures and pedicures
  • Plan a girls’ night out to dinner and a movie
  • Send flowers to those special friends in your life
  • Celebrate your female coworkers by bringing desserts or goodie bags to your office
  • Plan a weekend with your sorority sisters back to your college town, attend a football game, and visit your favorite spots
  • Reach out to those women in need in your community by volunteering with your friends to serve in a soup kitchen or women’s shelter
  • For even more great ideas on how to celebrate, visit the Confidence Coalition’s page at

The ways of celebrating those women that mean the most to you are endless! The important thing is that you let these women know how much their friendship has meant to you and how much you value them! I was fortunate enough to kick off International Women’s Friendship Month at the beach with 4 of my very best friends who are also my pledge sisters! Our time spent together has given me a boost of encouragement that will carry me through this month and beyond!

So no matter how you choose to celebrate those women in your life, just make sure you do it! And why not celebrate this month by reinvigorating your KD ties and creating new friendships by becoming a member of Triangle KD! We’d love to all celebrate together!


Brittany Cassell

VP-Public Relations 2013-2014



are you “ever loyal?”

If you’re visiting this blog there’s a good chance that you’re an alumna and that Kappa Delta is important to you.  I know that’s part of why I’m writing this post. 🙂 I have been excited for alumnae involvement since before I graduated! I knew I was moving to the Triangle Area and immediately contacted the current president, Olivia! Here we are, ten years later! And I’m still loving it!ever loyal

I’m also loving how Kappa Delta has given alumnae a way to reaffirm their commitment to our wonderful sorority–the Ever Loyal Pin.  You visit this handy dandy page, agree to the Ever Loyal pledge (also listed below) and contact National KD to purchase your Ever Loyal Pin.

As an Ever Loyal member of Kappa Delta I pledge to try to:

Remember always that I AM a Kappa Delta and to share that with others
Keep my contact information current at National Headquarters
Read my Angelos and other communications
Represent KD in a positive way in my community
Support the philanthropies and initiatives that make KD second to none
Give to the KD Foundation to support the programs of the sorority
Volunteer and support local collegiate and alumnae events
Stay in touch with my KD sisters
Live each day striving for that which is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest

Please take a moment to become Ever Loyal. And while you’re at it, if you haven’t already done so, please consider committing to that second to last requirement by becoming a member of Triangle KD! Our dues are paid on a calendar year basis, so if you haven’t paid since 2012, it’s time! 🙂

AOT and Ever Loyal,

Carrie Richardson Fry
VP-Membership 2013-2014

Koozies are Here!!


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Why did you join?

I was lucky enough to be able to attend my first Kappa Delta Convention this year and it truly was an amazing experience. There were so many great sessions but one of my favorites was by Phired Up Productions on the topic of Membership. 

Why do people join organizations? The majority join for the social aspect, perhaps they know someone in a group or they’re looking to make new connections. The rest want a purpose, they want to help an organization grow or become more successful. Sound familiar? Is that why you joined your collegiate chapter? I know I did. I was a transfer to the school and went through formal recruitment to meet people. I remember at the time, I never had any intention to join a sorority and was planning on dropping after Pref night.

Why did you stay? Did you know that the reason why people remain in organizations is generally the exact opposite of reason they joined. That’s why I joined. I remember standing in a circle, arms liked with the women in the chapter and knowing that I had found my home. I had a purpose.

Just some food for thought, why did you join? But most importantly, why did you stay?

Supporting Our Local Chapters

We all remember fondly the collegiate days of summer drawing to an end, and the preparations for a new school year and sorority recruitment quickly approaching! For Greek life, this is one of the most exciting times of the year.

As an alumnae chapter, we are very lucky to have a number of collegiate Kappa Delta chapters in our area, with two located right in the Triangle! In fact, many members of our group serve as Chapter Advisory Board members for either Beta Chi (UNC- Chapel Hill) or Eta Upsilon (North Carolina State University). Some of our members even serve on both! Triangle KD aims to support and encourage our local chapters each year through various efforts. We have hosted cookie drives to give the houses sweet treats during recruitment and exam week, we participate in the chapters’ philanthropies, and we volunteer our time to help with recruitment and Bid Day. We usually combine these with an alumnae event for some extra fun ourselves J

If you are interested in joining Triangle KD as we work together to support the collegiate Kappa Delta’s this year, contact us at . Be on the lookout the next few weeks for specific opportunities to get together with us as we help the next generation of young women strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest! 


Convention Awards

Following convention, we in North Carolina have a lot to be proud of! Not only are the collegiate chapters doing amazing things, our alumnae were recognized for supporting their efforts.

Alpha Omicron (Queens University of Charlotte, Beta Chi (UNC-Chapel Hill), Epsilon Zeta (UNC-Pembroke), and Gamma Gamma (High Point) were all Academic Excellence Award winners and Epsilon Epsilon (Appalachian State) received an honorable mention. Beta Chi (UNC-Chapel Hill) also received a Recognition Award. The Recognition Award places them in the top 15% of all Kappa Delta chapters! Gamma Gamma (High Point) was honored with the Merit Award which places them in the top 10% of all Kappa Delta chapters! If you are interested in what awards your initiation chapter received, you can find the complete list of awards here.

Beta Chi (UNC-Chapel Hill)’s CAB was honored with the CAB Award of Excellence for their outstanding work with the chapter.  The House Corporations for both Beta Chi (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Eta Upsilon (NC State) received the House Corporation Award of Excellence.  This award places them in the top 10% of House Corporations!

Beta Chi Chapter Houseeta upsilon house








With these beautiful houses, why wouldn’t the House Corporations be recognized? Again, if you are interested in other awards, they can be found here.

Now it’s back to work for all our collegian chapters and us as alumnae to do GREAT things and qualify for awards at the next convention in 2015! As an alumnae chapter we are also working towards our own goals and awards. If you are interested in getting involved as a member or appointed officer, please contact us!


Welcome to our New and Improved Site!

Hello hello!

We are so excited to debut our new website! We are still filling in content and getting all of the details completed but we are thrilled to be able to share the page!

For those of you newly graduated or recently relocated, or those just checking in with Alumnae Kappa Delta for the first time, we are so glad you want to know more! You can learn more about us using the tabs above, but here is the skinny:

-We meet ~1-3 times every month in various locations around the Triangle.

-Our members range from recent grads to Diamond Circle members and are from Florida to Oklahoma to Pennsylvania to everywhere in-between!

-We have a strong presence at both of the local KD chapters (Beta Chi at UNC-Chapel Hill and Eta Upsilon at NC State)

-You can sign up to get our emails and evites and can also keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter or our Instagram