Executive Board Positions

Spring brings many new beginnings including Triangle KD officer elections. Below are the duties of each open office- please email us at trianglekd@gmail.com if you are interested in running for an office!


  • Serve as contact for the AC to national Kappa Delta, on the Kappa Delta Website and to alumnae in the community
  • Get organized and enlist other members of your AC to help
  • With the other members of the board, set goals for your AC
  • Recruit the appointed officers your AC needs
  • Meet with the new board to plan events for the year – dates, places, and programs
  • Make sure all officers understand their duties; Encourage them to talk with their predecessors and to record the activities pertaining to their offices during the year
  • Conduct regular board and membership meetings
  • Stay in close contact with the officers during the year to lend support and see that their duties are being carried out
  • Report on time to the NVP-A and complete other reports as requested by National Headquarters and other national officers. Distribute reporting duties to other officers, as necessary


VP – Programming

  • Survey members to determine the type of programs/events they would like
  • Plan a variety of programs/events for the year that appeal to members of all ages
  • Create calendar of events and submit to members as soon as possible. This includes keeping the Google calendar up to date.
  •  Work with the philanthropy chair and VP-PR to plan events and publicity
  •   Send out e-vites/PaperlessPost as needed for events – send out 3-4 weeks in advance


VP – Membership Chair

  • Plan the membership recruitment campaign with the help of board members or a  committee
  • Contact potential and inactive members; act as their first contact for the organization if needed
  • Compile a directory of members to be given to every member of the AC


VP – Public Relations

  • Work with the VP-Programming and philanthropy chair to develop and implement effective publicity tactics for your alumnae chapter activities
  • Work with the membership chair to develop ways to promote the AC among local alumnae
  • Use the Kappa Delta Website, Facebook, Twitter, and KD Connect to advertise AC events
  • Send information to The Angelos as requested by the editor at KDnews@kappadelta.org
  • Report as requested to National Kappa Delta


VP-Administration / Secretary

  • Take minutes at board meetings and member events and keep a record of attendance
  • Send minutes to the board within one week of the board meeting
  • Update/correct minutes, as requested by board members
  • Handle correspondence as requested by the president
  • Maintain the list of email addresses in Gmail and PaperlessPost
  • Forward emails received in the gmail account to the appropriate board members
  • Assist president with reports

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