Support a Sister!

My name is Abby Van Horn and I am one of the founding sisters of the Eta Upsilon Chapter at North Carolina State University. I am a senior in the Inaugural Fashion and Textile Design program in the College of Textiles and am in the midst of creating my final collection along with 26 amazing talented women. We will have our senior showcase April 18th, Threads Collective, and we have a goal to raise $15,000 to make this the best show ever and really set the standard for the years to come. We have been challenged to raise the funds independently and we have chosen to do so through our Indiegogo page,,  where you can learn more about why we are doing this, what the FTD program has meant to us and where the funds will go in support of the show. You can also receive gifts based on your donation such as tickets to the show and/or a hand screen-printed tote and more! Even if it is just a dollar that you can give to our campaign, the support would mean the world to us! If you are unable to give, I ask if you can share our page with your family and friends to reach as many people as possible. You can follow all the things we’re doing at our Facebook page, NCSU Threads Collective, and Instagram, @ncsuthreadscollective, as we get ready for the show. I have learned a great deal from my time in Kappa Delta and am a better woman because of it, I would not have had such a meaningful experience with these women in my program without that foundation.
Thank you for all the support of Eta Upsilon and to me through Kappa Delta!
Abby Van Horn

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