Happy Founders Day!

We hope to see all of you tonight at our Paint Your Pot Founders Day event but in the mean time, enjoy this Founders Day message from our National President, Beth Martin Langford!


On Oct. 23, Kappa Delta celebrates 117 years of sisterhood – 117 years of values and principles that have not changed. Our more than 230,000 members share a common bond of lifelong loyalty and friendship whether they were initiated in the 1940s, ’70s or last spring. Our founders- Sara, Lenora, Julia, and Mary – and the women who were the first initiates built Kappa Delta on the principles of our open motto Ta Kala Diokomen: Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.

This message resonates today with our newest members despite the fact that their sorority experience is completely different from that of our founders – or even those initiated a generation ago. It is not better or worse, just different. Technology, social media, the economy, today’s cultural norms and larger chapter sizes are impacting the sorority experience.

At the 2011 National Panhellenic Conference annual meeting, then-NPC Chairman Eve Riley told the assembled delegates: “We all want the sorority experience to be relevant, but we must wake up and be aware of the changes around us, especially in higher education.”

Like all sororities, Kappa Delta is proactively evolving as society and culture change. Throughout our history, Kappa Delta has made necessary changes, such as in the early days when we closed some of our finest chapters at two-year institutions to allow Kappa Delta to join the National Panhellenic Conference. It was for the greater good.

Today Kappa Delta is advancing our membership goals to ensure inclusivity. We welcome and have women of all backgrounds in our organization. I remain firm in my belief that if a young woman shares my values – Kappa Delta’s values – I am proud to call her my sister.

Kappa Delta’s values are the standards that influence every aspect of our lives. They are the beliefs that our members hold in common. They guide us as an organization and as individual members. Kappa Delta’s values include:

  • high moral and ethical standards
  • uncompromised integrity
  • lifelong friendships
  • academic excellence
  • social enrichment and enlargement
  • altruism and service to others
  • development of life skills
  • loyalty to one another

Kappa Delta continues to grow because of our devotion to these values, forever honoring our four founders.

In our Kappa Delta,

Beth Martin Langford

National President


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