You’re Invited to Bid Day!

Our sisters at UNC are currently working hard to recruit their newest members while sisters at NC State are still in the preparatory stages but will begin recruitment on Friday. Many of our members are supporting both chapters by serving on CAB but we (and the chapters) want to give all of you the opportunity to celebrate the newest KD’s with them at bid day!! Below are the details for each chapter’s celebration. If you are interested in attending but unsure of where to go or what to do once you arrive, feel free to email us at and we will give you the phone number of at least one other alumane chapter member who will be there and can help familiarize you with the chapter!


Beta Chi- UNC

Date: Wednesday, September 3

Time: 6pm

House Address: 219 East Franklin St, Chapel Hill NC

Suggested parking: There is paid parking available across the street from the house in the lot for Morehead Planetarium and various places along Franklin St.

Meeting location: The driveway to the right of the chapter house.

Other details: A few chapter members will meet the new members on McCormack Place, across the street from the house, at 6pm and then lead them to the house. Therefore, the new members won’t arrive at the house until shortly after 6pm but there will be many sorority women crossing the street in front of the house during that time so please be cautious.


Eta Upsilon- NC State

Date: Wednesday, September 10

Time: 5pm

House Address: 2304 Greek Village Drive, Raleigh NC

Meeting location: The right side of the front porch


We hope to see you there!


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