World’s Best Friend Contest

The Confidence Coalition was founded by Kappa Delta in 2009 and is funded by the Kappa Delta Foundation. The Confidence Coalition works to promote confidence among girls and women of all ages. Throughout the year we will be talking about the various ways the Confidence Coalition works towards that goal and how you too can spread confidence in your community.


The first thing we would like to highlight is Kappa Delta and the Confidence Coalition’s World’s Best Friend Contest in honor of International Women’s Friendship Month. By nominating your friend(s) for the title of word’s best friend, you can show them how much they mean in your life and why they should be confident in themselves. You can nominate your friends anytime before September 25 by visiting the Confidence Coalition page and submitting your entry detailing why your friend deserves to title of world’s best friend. The winner of the World’s Best Friend contest will receive a trip for two to Disney World to allow you and your best friend some time to relax and spend quality time together!

You can also share the image above with your friends on social media to let them know how much they mean to you! We hope we get to see two of our members on that trip to Disney World!



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