International Badge Day

badge day banner

Each year we take time to celebrate our lifelong commitment to service, community and sisterhood by wearing our badges or Greek letters on International Badge Day. The celebration is sponsored by the National Panhellenic Conference and we are happy to take part! Join in the celebration on Facebook by attending the event or changing your profile or cover photo to either of the photos we have shared here.

This is a great opportunity to show your pride in your membership and acknowledge other Panhellenic women and their accomplishments. I work with a wonderful Tri Delta woman and we have both made it our mission to banish the negative stereotypes about sorority women that often arise when we mention our membership. In addition we hope to replace those negative stereotypes with new ideas about how poised and hard working Panhellenic women can be simply by being ourselves and making sure it is know that we are Panhellenic women. International Badge Day is an especially great day to make it clear that we our proud of our membership!


Rebecca Pollet

KD badge


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