AC Officer Roundup: VP-Administration

This is my third year of being involved with the alumnae chapter and my first as an officer and the office of VP-Administration was a great way for me to be involved! As a collegiate member of Kappa Delta, our sorority played a central part in my life and after moving here I looked for a way to continue my involvement. After attending several events during my first two years in the area I realized that taking an officer position would really plug me into the workings of the alumnae chapter and help me foster friendships. That is exactly what I have found, by attending a variety of events I have been able to meet many new sisters and grow closer to those I had already met. I encourage everyone to get involved in our alumnae chapter whether you are looking for new friendships or professional contacts.

The Vice President-Administration oversees many of the traditional secretarial duties as well as generally keeping the AC organized. The biggest responsibilities are maintaining our member contact list for emails and PaperlessPost and working with the other officers to answer the questions that are sent to our gmail account. Emails coming into our gmail account may be best answered by any of the other officers so the VP-Administration helps to make sure those officers are aware of the email(s) and address them in a timely fashion. VP-Administration also takes minutes at chapter and board meetings and distributes them to other officers. This was a great introductory role for me!


Rebecca Pollet

2013-2014 Vice President-Administration


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