Kappa Delta Graduate Scholarships

Have you considered attending graduate or professional school for the 2014-2015 school year? Kappa Delta can help! There are a variety of graduate scholarships available and you can find all the descriptions here. There are scholarships for women returning to school after several years, those attending school part-time, and even a scholarship in honor of our very own Mindy Sopher.

Additional information on these scholarships as well as the online application can be found on the Kappa Delta website and in this guidelines announcement. The deadline is February 1st! Each year, the Kappa Delta Foundation awards approximately $120,000 in scholarships and you could be included in these honored women!


One thought on “Kappa Delta Graduate Scholarships”

  1. Hi my name is Mary Ridout. I was a KD at Ole Miss from August 1989 to May 1993 which is AN ALPHA MU chapter. I leave here in Apex and moved to The triangle area In 2000 as I was born, raised and lived in Mississippi until I moved to Raleigh in 2000.

    I am currently in graduate school at NCSU obtaining my graduate degree in Counselor Education. I would like to be considered for a scholarship. As I realize I missed the cut off date this year; however, I still have two years remaining before completing the masters program; therefore, I could submit an application for the fall of 2016.

    Also. I have a good friend in Raleigh who’s child is attending Ole Miss in theFall and I would like to write a recommendation for her. Is there anyway you could guide towards the steps in doing such.

    My email is maryiridout@ gmail.com. Or cell phone: 919-770-6779.

    Thanks, Mary

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