International Girls Day

International Girls Day has been celebrated each November 14th since 2010 to encourage girls to make their dreams a reality.  Girls often feel they have to look and act a certain way but today is a reminder to all of us that you can do anything! You can celebrate with Kappa Delta and the Confidence Coalition by taking time to encourage a girl or woman in your life; remind them of the beautiful person they are and ask how you can help them make their dreams a reality!

As a woman in science and higher education, I have been offered many opportunities to reach out to female students and encourage them to stay interested in science. It’s always fun for me to talk about science but it is even more rewarding when I can see a girl get excited because she’s able to play with a gooey experiment that might be considered uncool when she was with boys. This can happen in any profession. We convince ourselves that we aren’t smart enough, aren’t pretty enough, or are just concerned with how we will be perceived and don’t allow ourselves to become involved in new and exciting opportunities.  Take today to encourage someone around you to follow her dreams despite fears about herself!

Confidence Coalition has a video that shares the sentiment that girls can do anything! Enjoy the video and share it with your friends.


Rebecca Pollet

Vice President-Administration


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