Open Board Meetings

As an alumnae chapter, we are continually looking for new ways to encourage members to attend events, participate in local philanthropic efforts, connect with local chapters, and help us fulfill national requirements for Kappa Delta AC’s. To do these things successfully, input from the chapter members is key! Thus, beginning in Fall 2013, Triangle KD board members moved to open monthly board meetings to the entire chapter. Meetings are held in the RTP area at local restaurants, combining business with fun! The Triangle KD board believes that with member input, the chapter can set and achieve great goals and have an awesome time doing so.

The first open board meeting allowed AC members to brainstorm ways to increase member involvement, and to also discuss the goals for the 2013-2014 year. Interested in what the chapter hopes to accomplish this next year? Read on!

  • Increase communication and accessibility of information to members
  • Update and use the website, blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • New member initiative- Beer with the Board! Come have a drink on us at your first one!
  • Strengthen our Shamrock event in participation and national/local contributions

Do you see something you’d like more information on, or have anything you’d like to add? Shoot us an e-mail, or better yet, come hang out at our next board meeting…we’d love to hear your input! 

Ever Loyal,

Adrienne Koehler Sinquefield



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