Happy Founders Day!

Today we celebrate the founding of Kappa Delta and the impact it has made on each of our lives! 


In her Founders Day message, National President Beth Martin Langford wrote the following:

Oct. 23 is designated as Founders Day to commemorate the very day in 1897 when four young college women determined that their friendship could be the foundation for a greater sisterhood. The first reference to the observation of this anniversary appears in the May 1908 issue of The Angelos: “This day, so hallowed in the hearts of our girls, should be given due recognition in our chapter life.” Each year since 1921, the national president has written a Founders Day message. I am honored to be part of this meaningful history.


The Oxford Dictionary defines history as “the study of past events, particularly in human affairs.” Kappa Delta’s history is certainly defined by human affairs from the intimate friendship of our founds to the grand scope of our sisterhood today. Kappa Delta links us from generation to generation, from coast to coast. The very essence of our purpose is to show humanity for others by promoting true friendship, encouraging the means for our members and others to reach their full potential through education and leadership opportunities, and to further our charitable work, helping those less fortunate.


This alumnae chapter has certainly shown me that Kappa Delta is a link “from generation to generation, from coast to coast.” Today, I am celebrating the true friendships I have formed through Kappa Delta and looking forward to the many, many more sisters we will gain! 



Rebecca Pollet

Vice President-Administration


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