Initiation is Just the Beginning!

As our local collegiate chapters gear up for the initiation of their new members, I cannot help but think of my own initiation. Little did I know, standing there in my white dress and white shoes, what being initiated into this group of women would mean. At the time, I just saw the women around me and thought about the fun events and friends that would make great memories. What I have continued to be amazed by, every day since that initiation, was that being part of Kappa Delta isn’t just about great memories made in college (although there are certainly dozens of those that my pledge sisters and I love to reminisce about when we get the chance to get together); it is about something greater than yourself or even just those women in your chapter. It is a lifetime commitment and connection. I cannot count the number of times – in job interviews, on planes, in a conversation with a new acquaintance – that I have made the KD connection and felt an instant friendship with that person. 


But being a Kappa Delta isn’t just about your fellows sisters (even though they are a great gift)! It is about holding yourself to a higher standard. It is embodying the slogan “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.” No matter what situation I am placed in, I try to remember that I am a representation of a wonderful national organization, a network of amazing ladies.


I love thinking back on my own initiation and the journey I have traveled since then. Even more so, I enjoy thinking about the role Kappa Delta has continued to play in my life since I became a member in October 2006. The great memories that have continued to be made, the new connections made, the old connections that have strengthened, and the new family I have found in the Triangle KD Alumnae chapter here in my new home in Durham! I invite you to take a minute to think about the impact Kappa Delta has had on you since your own initiation! 




VP Public Relations


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