International Women’s Friendship Month

It’s officially a new month in 2013 – September, or in KD terms, International Women’s Friendship Month! Thirty-four states have joined us in this terminology and newspapers and magazines are also jumping on board in recognizing the importance of International Women’s Friendship Month!


For a lot of us, our college years bring up emotions such as happiness and nostalgia. They’re the so-called “best years.” A HUGE part of those great years was most likely defined by our best friends, our KD sisters! And now we have an entire month dedicated to those women and others we met along the way and the friendships we formed with them all! September serves as a great reminder to place emphasis on these friendships by showing our appreciation for our sisters and female friends. Here are some great ways to celebrate those special women in your life this month (and all year round!):

  • Send a card to that long distance friend to remind her how much she means to you
  • Catch up and celebrate your friendship over coffee
  • Have a spa date of manicures and pedicures
  • Plan a girls’ night out to dinner and a movie
  • Send flowers to those special friends in your life
  • Celebrate your female coworkers by bringing desserts or goodie bags to your office
  • Plan a weekend with your sorority sisters back to your college town, attend a football game, and visit your favorite spots
  • Reach out to those women in need in your community by volunteering with your friends to serve in a soup kitchen or women’s shelter
  • For even more great ideas on how to celebrate, visit the Confidence Coalition’s page at

The ways of celebrating those women that mean the most to you are endless! The important thing is that you let these women know how much their friendship has meant to you and how much you value them! I was fortunate enough to kick off International Women’s Friendship Month at the beach with 4 of my very best friends who are also my pledge sisters! Our time spent together has given me a boost of encouragement that will carry me through this month and beyond!

So no matter how you choose to celebrate those women in your life, just make sure you do it! And why not celebrate this month by reinvigorating your KD ties and creating new friendships by becoming a member of Triangle KD! We’d love to all celebrate together!


Brittany Cassell

VP-Public Relations 2013-2014



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