are you “ever loyal?”

If you’re visiting this blog there’s a good chance that you’re an alumna and that Kappa Delta is important to you.  I know that’s part of why I’m writing this post. 🙂 I have been excited for alumnae involvement since before I graduated! I knew I was moving to the Triangle Area and immediately contacted the current president, Olivia! Here we are, ten years later! And I’m still loving it!ever loyal

I’m also loving how Kappa Delta has given alumnae a way to reaffirm their commitment to our wonderful sorority–the Ever Loyal Pin.  You visit this handy dandy page, agree to the Ever Loyal pledge (also listed below) and contact National KD to purchase your Ever Loyal Pin.

As an Ever Loyal member of Kappa Delta I pledge to try to:

Remember always that I AM a Kappa Delta and to share that with others
Keep my contact information current at National Headquarters
Read my Angelos and other communications
Represent KD in a positive way in my community
Support the philanthropies and initiatives that make KD second to none
Give to the KD Foundation to support the programs of the sorority
Volunteer and support local collegiate and alumnae events
Stay in touch with my KD sisters
Live each day striving for that which is Honorable, Beautiful and Highest

Please take a moment to become Ever Loyal. And while you’re at it, if you haven’t already done so, please consider committing to that second to last requirement by becoming a member of Triangle KD! Our dues are paid on a calendar year basis, so if you haven’t paid since 2012, it’s time! 🙂

AOT and Ever Loyal,

Carrie Richardson Fry
VP-Membership 2013-2014


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