Why did you join?

I was lucky enough to be able to attend my first Kappa Delta Convention this year and it truly was an amazing experience. There were so many great sessions but one of my favorites was by Phired Up Productions on the topic of Membership. 

Why do people join organizations? The majority join for the social aspect, perhaps they know someone in a group or they’re looking to make new connections. The rest want a purpose, they want to help an organization grow or become more successful. Sound familiar? Is that why you joined your collegiate chapter? I know I did. I was a transfer to the school and went through formal recruitment to meet people. I remember at the time, I never had any intention to join a sorority and was planning on dropping after Pref night.

Why did you stay? Did you know that the reason why people remain in organizations is generally the exact opposite of reason they joined. That’s why I joined. I remember standing in a circle, arms liked with the women in the chapter and knowing that I had found my home. I had a purpose.

Just some food for thought, why did you join? But most importantly, why did you stay?


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